The Emerald Heart light is transmitted through Energetic Essences, The Emerald Heart Essences.  These powerful, light-filled essences can help you on your journey to self discovery, clarify your path, and discover your unlimited potential.

My intention is always to guide you in connecting to you to your own divine guidance and intuition, and assist you in identifying what you would like to shift.  


Our session will result in an Emerald Heart Essence being given to assist in resolving a core fear or block, in order to help you open and expand within your life, creating desired changes.


A healing session can shift core fears, bringing greater clarity and moving you more fully into your truth.  It can resolve stress and irritations in a gentle manner,  allowing you to be more fully present in your life, in the now. 


Sessions are done via Skype, Zoom, or phone.

New Client Appointment
Essences - Up to $25.oo 


An initial healing session consists of a full intake including personal history, and family history if needed.  We will identify your main issues and you will receive an Emerald Heart Essence that will be supportive in creating the shifts you desire on the, mental, emotional, and spiritual and levels.   

Follow Up Appointment
Essences - Up to $25.00


We continue to address core fears/beliefs that surface,  balance your energy field on all levels and address your current area of focus.  A new Emerald Heart Essence will be given.  For established clients.