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Zen Stones


Kerry has worked with me and my daughter using both innerwise and intuition.  The sessions were always spot on with the information given to me, and the protocols Kerry used to heal the issue that was presenting itself.  After one particular healing with my daughter, both my daughter and I were walking around in bliss for days after, and settled into a higher vibration of peace.  My daughter has not visited the ER for suicidal tendencies since our last session with Kerry, we have done other interventions including homeopathy and herbs, and I often consult with Kerry to verify the remedies I am getting are right for her.  


Thank you Kerry!  You are an amazing healer!


~ Beth Monterosso, NYC

During my initial meeting with Kerry, I felt relaxed and supported in her capable hands. I had sought a healing session for a blockage I was experiencing in my freelance writing career. During our 90-minute meeting, Kerry asked a series of questions about my concerns and revealed some helpful information about the origins of the blockage. Through a series of muscle tests, Kerry determined specific ways to help me heal. Her gentle and kind nature lead me on a journey  - an understanding of how improve my areas of concern. She also recommended some homeopathic remedies to support the path of healing and clearing. I highly recommend the Inner Wise program and Kerry as a dedicated practitioner of intuitive healing.  
                                                    ~ Jeanine C., PA

Kerry Persad is a gifted healer!  Working through negative emotional and physical experiences is challenging and stressful.  From the second I was in front of Kerry, I was embraced with a calming force.  I found her to be intuititive, directed and comprehensive in her approach to my issues AND my apprehension in trying this new method of working through them. I could physically feel a change in energy in my body and I was so much lighter when I left our session.  It was a magnificent experience and one I will continue.  
~ Patty H., NJ

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